These are the articles I’ve written about Oracle related technologies. Most will only exist in English as that obviously caters to a larger audience. Some will be translated, but that will typically only happen when they are either published in Swedish or other wise needed in Swedish.

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ArticleDate PostedSwedishEnglishBlog
Oracle Messaging1/9/2010XX
Published in RMOUG SQL>Select Spring 2005 issue.
Page Locking by Design1/9/2010XXX
Explains ITL – how it works and some unexpected results.Published in RMOUG SQL>Select Summer 2009 issue.
ROWID at Oracle’s Service5/10/2009XXX
  Excerpt published in RMOUG SQL>Select Fall 2009 issue.
The case for CASE1/9/2010XX
Published in RMOUG SQL>Select Winter 2009 issue.