Oracle Talk

This is my space on the internet where I write about things in the area of Oracle databases and related technologies. My interest in IT in general surrounds development, more than production. When it comes to Oracle this means that I enjoy features that helps building better solutions more than features that are primarily of interest to a DBA.

I would however want to make a distinction here and that is that I have worked as a DBA on production systems as well as during development and my interest in features that I consider helpful for development extends to those that developers ought to employ to make a system run better while in production. In fact, it is probably in the intersection between development and features that will make the production situation better that defines my core interest in databases and IT solutions. Implementing a feature without considering support of it in production is often just a waste of time.

My Oracle blog is called OraDbDev, and that is of course named after my interest. I address all things I find interesting and useful there.

Another part of sharing my knowledge and opinions in the Oracle space is to write longer pieces than what fits as a blog entry. Those are located at the article page. Each article will with time have a linked blog post that facilitates as a feedback page for the article and lets me communicate when an article has been updated based on feedback or as the result of a discussion held there or elsewhere.